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Booker T. Washington Preschool

Core Values

Excellence, Community, Integrity, Creativity, and Passion


To provide children with a well-rounded and individualized learning 

experience that includes cognitive, social, creative and physical 

development so that they would thrive. Our greatest desire is for them to 

love learning and realize their greatest potential.


We inspire and motivate the children in our school to become caring individuals and confident learners. BTW strives to instill a true love for learning. We expect that children will enter some of New York City's most competitive school and have critical skills that will last a lifetime.


BTW Preschool is invested in the growth and development of each child who attends our school. Based on our belief that children learn best through doing, opportunities for hands-on, multi-sensory experiences are p​rovided throughout the day. We believe that children will thrive if they are excited, encouraged and nurtured. They become life-long learners when they are taught to think creatively, strategically and critically about the world around them. Problem-solving and discovery are at the core of our curriculum and each day our children feel more capable, more confident and more inspired.

At BTW we focus on the whole child, which addresses the cognitive, language, physical and social/emotional abilities of each child. Children are viewed as individuals and each one receives care and attention based on his/ her strengths, challenges, interests and individual learning styles. Our teachers help children develop self-control, self-esteem, empathy, independence and problem-solving. Children are the center of everything here. The materials that are provided are open-ended and age-appropriate. They encourage exploration through creativity, trial and error, as well as collaboration.

There are many opportunities for families to become involved in committees and to help with events. We value the time and effort that the BTW families give back to our school. We are a second home for our families.