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Booker T. Washington Preschool


Rev. Kim​berly Wrigh​t

Executive Director

Rev. Kimberly Wright has worked in education for more than twenty-five years.  A resident of East Harlem for more than forty years, she has deep roots and has invested a great deal in the children of this community.  She has been at Booker T. for more than twenty-five years and has created, developed and expanded its programs.  She has worked in early childhood as both a teacher and administrator. Under her guidance, the Learning Center has a new facility and has improved the outcomes for all of its educational programs.   

Damaleen Salas


Ms. Damaleen is an experienced teacher who has been in Early Childhood Education for more than 10 years. She has worked in a variety of settings and has a proven track record of helping children grow into extraordinary students and little people. She is passionate about letting children lead and very capable of supporting their interests and challenging their minds. She believes children learn through play and that learning should be exciting, so she ensures that her classroom is lively and filled with interesting areas to peak her students' imaginations.

Our Team

Maya Wright

Lead Teacher

Born and raised in East Harlem. Ms. Maya has been at Booker T. her entire life, She has been part of every program, including the preschool, afterschool, summer camp, and college prep program.  Maya attended The Manhattan Country school, Professional Performing Arts School, Laguardia High School of Performing Arts, and then graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She is excited to be teaching Pre-K where she can use her skills, experience and passion to work for the children and families of East Harlem.  

Marilis Rodriguez

Assistant Teacher

Marilis Rodriquez, "Ms. Madee," is a gifted teacher. She has worked with children in many capacities for more than ten years. She has directed the after-school and summer camp programs and brings extensive experience to the early childhood classroom. She is dedicated to the growth and development of all of our children. Ms. Madee has been in the preschool classroom for three years and works tirelessly to ensure the classroom is a place that nurtures, challenges, and celebrates all children.  Ms. Madee's love for all things musical, makes her a special addition to any environment.  

Schaddie Wallace


Ms. Schaddie Wallace is the glue that holds things together at Booker T. She can be found inside the classroom teaching art, leading story-time or guiding music and movement lessons for the children. Outside of the classroom, Schaddie handles all meals, ensures the health and safety of all of us, and takes care of supplies and materials. Schaddie began as a parent volunteer, then fell in love with the children and the work of education. With Schaddie as the Toddler's teacher, we are positive that our babies will develop into curious, creative, and confident children.